Searching for God.


We seek him here and seek him there

We look to find him everywhere

From the highest peak where grey clouds weep

To the vast canyons, so dark and deep

We search in churches and temples of stone

In crowded chapels, or sitting quietly alone

Some look in a book for words of wisdom

To lead us to his heavenly Kingdom

Or sing his praise through hymn and prayer

In desperation, hope and fear


From the darkest dungeons of the mind

We struggle to reach out and find

Comfort, reassurance and salvation

From the fear and terror of eternal damnation

The bells ring out from the highest steeple

In the old graveyard, a gathering of people

Another soul goes to meet his Creator

Light a penny candle for another sinner

That salvation they will find

To ease the guilt of a troubled mind


The Ten Commandments cast in stone

Images of a stern old man, sitting on his throne

White robe shining and bushy beard

Flashing eyes terrifying and feared

Passing judgement on every act and deed

Our selfish needs, our avarice and greed

We create our religions, to try to understand

And place our trust in the palm of his hand

To satisfy our lust, our selfish needs

And to justify our bloody deeds


Some say he does not exist, only in our mind

Just wishful thinking, an illusion of some kind

Just a figment of our imagination

There is only chaos and confusion

Life is just an accident, there is no divine plan

Just foolishness and pride and the arrogance of man

And divisive religions that cause so much pain

Throughout our history, again and again

That he is just an imaginary friend

It is all just down to Chance in the end


Pagan, Christian, Muslim or Jew

Followers of the Buddha and the Hindus too

The atheist and the dreamer

The infidel and the fanatical believer

A thousand religions, a thousand Gods

No wonder the human race is at such odds

Causing pain and sorrow, war and genocide

Our foolish beliefs, arrogance and pride

Then wash our hands of responsibility and blame

For the heinous acts carried out in His name


Do we not realised, that God is everywhere

Not just out there,  “somewhere”

In every living creature under the sun

We are all expressions of the One

Acknowledge the Divine in every living face

Acknowledge and Respect that Sacred Space

Look for the spark of your soul in their eyes

And hear their voices in your laughter and cries

Treat others as you would have them treat you

Because in the end, that is all you can really do.



C Denis Murphy 25 March 2019.



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