Britannia Waives The Rules.

Britannia Waives the Rules.


Brexit – oh please don’t mention that word

It has become such a farce, it really is absurd

In the land of the bewildered, there is chaos and consternation

A government without a plan, a clue or direction

Britain takes the biscuit..Britannia waives the rules

Party politics lead by arrogant fools

And that Buffoon Boris and his big red bus

Grinning like an imbecile, it’s so ridiculous

With their promises and lies they stoke the fire

For Queen, for Britain and their glorious Empire


Red lines over the white cliffs of Dover

We will stop them all from coming over

Control of movement, no more refugees

Bloody Romanians and those Portuguese

Taking the jobs we don’t want to do

We’ll send them back to Timbuktu

The Spanish with their greedy eyes

Hands off Gibraltar, our glittering prize.

We’ll take back our power our water and our fish

And anything else we damn well wish


Those Bureaucrats from Brussels

Always flexing their muscles

Telling us how to run our affairs

For the past 46 years

They’ll blink first, cos they always do

Those bureaucrats and leaders in the E.U.

Johnny Foreigner will always back down

Europe is not the only show in town

Sure the rest of the world will be queuing at our door

Our rightful place in the world, we will restore


Meanwhile in the Disunited Kingdom

The Scots are unhappy and whisper of Freedom

And weigh up their options and the cost to be free

While the opposition dither and can’t quite agree

Masters of impotence and procrastination

Confusion and consternation all across the nation

Meaningful votes, amendments and deadline extensions

Outrageous demands and unrealistic expectations

And always ready spoil the show

The D.U.P. and Ulster says NO


But Loyalty has a price to be paid

Difficult choices will have to be made

Hard or soft – the “Irish” border

Causing chaos and disorder

No regard for the Good Friday Agreement

The Peace Process and its achievement  

It’s only those natives, they should know their place

It’s all their fault, it’s a bloody disgrace

A damn good thrashing is what they need

And tear up that Backstop, eh.. the one we agreed


With Illusions of grandeur and former glory

Like a scene from a ”Carry On” movie

Or an  old Ealing comedy

It would be hilarious, if it wasn’t such a tragedy.

Britannia may have once ruled the waves

We’ve had enough of their rants and raves

The only waves now will be those from the E.U.

Slan leat, adios, auf wiedersehen, adieu

With deep sighs of relief from Brussels, without a doubt

And don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.


  1. c.Denis Murphy 03 April 2019.


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