Happy Birthday Dad, it’s been Awhile.



Happy Birthday Dad,  it’s been awhile

I miss your frown,  your laughter, your smile

I’ll just sit for a moment by your grave side

And deal with the emotions I’ve tried to hide

It’s been awhile since we have spoken

My heart still hurts,  I’m still heartbroken

Where do I begin, where do I start

Unspoken words straight from the heart

Memories flood back and I try not to cry

As I remember that twinkle, that glint in your eye

And just for a moment your stern mask slips

Revealing the faintest trace of a smile on your lips

I think about the support and advice you gave

Standing here, alone by your grave

The wind turns and it begins to rain

I will never know your sorrow and pain

Or the tough decisions you had to take

And the sacrifices you had to make

In difficult times,  you did your best

Now it is time for you to rest

You had played your part and played it well

You had no more to teach or stories to tell

In the book of Life,  the final page

It was your time to leave, to exit the stage

In the end, Death comes to all

Neither man nor beast can resist its call

I still feel the sorrow, the emptiness, the pain

But also your love, standing here in the rain

As I turn to leave,  both humble and proud

The sun peeps from behind a dark cloud

A sliver of sunshine falls on your graveside

Just a little twinkle, like the smile you used to hide.


Happy Birthday Dad…

C. Denis Murphy 23 March 2019.



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