Notre Dame – Our Lady of Fire.

Notre Dame – Our Lady of Fire.


Flames dance and tumble across roof and tower

With such frightening force and primeval power

Raging fire like a ravenous beast

Devouring all before it, in a frenzied feast

Burning timbers in their death throes scream

Scenes from a nightmare, or our darkest dream

Dancing spirals of flame and fire

Races across roof, rafters and spire.

Engulfing flying buttress, turrets and steeple

Watched in disbelief, by millions of people

Images flash across the world on tv screen

At this unfolding disaster and horror scene

Hushed whispers from the watching crowd

Stunned, silent, too shocked to speak out loud  


Roof collapses, burning beams and plaster

As brave men struggle to contain this disaster

In a desperate attempt, priceless treasures to save

Every column and row, aisle and nave

Smoke billows and fire rages

Centuries of memories echo down the ages

From pillars of stone, a thousand years of history

Whispers of Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Sanctuary

Stone statues in stunned silence stare

At the carnage and utter destruction everywhere

Stained Glass Rose windows splinter and shatter

Showering fiery sparks, like falling stars scatter

Grotesque gargoyles come to life in this fiery hell

Their shadows like demons or the angels who fell  


This Cathedral has stood for a thousand years

Built on faith and blood sweat and tears

A place of sanctuary for saint and sinner

Noble Knight, Prince or pauper

Kings and Queens, heroes and generals

Ceremony, coronations and state funerals

The heart of a city, the pride of a nation

United in grief, a tragic situation

Like the Phoenix from the ashes, it will rise again

For the glory of God and pride of men.



C Denis Murphy 16 April 2019.


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