A Few Moments of Contemplation.

A Few Moments of Contemplation.


Did you ever get that feeling that something’s just not right ?

You could have won the lotto and you couldn’t give a shite

Apathy and procrastination are the rulers of the day

And all you want to do, is go and hide away

You really couldn’t give a damn or even really care

Slumped there in the corner, in your comfy armchair

Nothing seems to be of interest, relevant or real

Just numb and detached, is how you feel

Like cotton wool inside your head

You just want to go back to bed

And get up in again later in the day

When the blues and the melancholy have gone away

There is nothing specific bothering you

You just can’t figure out what’s making you blue

But you don’t know what,  you haven’t got a clue

There’s nothing of interest on the tv too

Flicking through channels with the remote control

Seeking a solution for your restless soul

You check your emails, messages and all that

Your Facebook friends are too busy to chat

You turn on some music to give you some inspiration

Then you close your eyes and open your imagination

And let yourself drift to wherever it takes you

Floating on clouds in a clear sky so blue

The world below looks at peace, so serene

No hint of trouble or conflict can be seen

As you happily drift without a care

The air on your skin, the wind in your hair

Suddenly with a start, you’re back in your chair

Someone is coming, you hear a slamming door

The sound of footsteps on the hall floor

The dream has faded, you’re back in real life

Better get off your arse fast, here comes the wife….

c. Denis Murphy 22 April 2019.


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