The Simplest Thing

The Simplest Thing.


It’s a wet and windy, winter’s day

Outside, the trees dance and sway

Like restless ghosts in the wind and rain

Raindrops rage against the window pane

Then slowly slide and trickle down ‘til

They come to rest on the windowsill

The glowering light catches each raindrop

Like a string of diamonds, or a crystal teardrop

Sparkling like fireflies in old jam jars

A transparent curtain of twinkling stars


A Robin, alights on the old garden gates

Feathers all ruffled and patiently waits

Raindrops hang from the old rusty bars

Sparkling like diamonds or a thousand stars

There is so much beauty, to be found

If we just open our eyes and look around

Such peace and tranquillity we can find

When we listen and still the restless mind

Look for the joy in the simplest thing

Enjoy the moment and hear your Heart sing.


  1. Denis Murphy 03 March 2019.


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