Time to Change that Keg.

Time to Change that Keg.


I drain my glass, the very last drop

A faint of trace of cream still clings to the top

A good pint, I think I’ll have another

A wise man once told me – I think it was my brother

That you should always drink an even number

It keeps you in balance, one on each shoulder

Yes one for the road, a very wise thing

Sure a bird never flew on just one wing !


That guy at the bar must be one of those alcoholics

Cos he’s here every night acting the bollix

His forced laughter so annoying and abrasive

Harsh, vulgar, so loud and invasive

Howling at his own jokes like a chattering monkey

Then braying like an old constipated donkey

Some poor eejit drops his pint, glass shatters on the floor

Scattering like diamonds by the toilet door


The bartender goes to change another keg

But I’ve been sitting so long, I can’t find my leg

As I struggle to get down off my rickety old stool

Trying not to look like a drunken old fool

I give a little hop, a skip and a dance

And manage to regain my shaky balance

I make my way passed people and table

Staggering slightly, balance a little unstable


There’s a boisterous crowd in here tonight

The TV, the music, laughter and bright lights

Infringe on my mind and violate my space

I remember when life had a slower pace

The noise around me is getting too loud

Some nights I feel so alone in the maddening crowd

It’s getting late, so I’ll call it a night

Oh Lord, I think I’m getting too old for this shite !


C Denis Murphy 18 February 2019


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