Shadow Dancers.

Shadow Dancers


Silver moon peers through clouded veil

Casting soft light on clouds that trail

Across a canvas of darkening skies

Silence shattered by harsh and eerie cries

Ghostly shapes appear in half-light

Ravens return home to roost for the night

Like shadow dancers they circle and weave

So graceful at times, it is hard to believe

Boisterous and noisy their joyful recital

Exchanging news and gossip so vital

Then quieting down as they settle to sleep

A sanctuary in the night in darkness so deep


Moonlight magic, shimmering light

Illuminating figures on the edge of night

Trees stand guard on a lonely hill

Stark silhouettes, silent and still.

Some stand boldly, proud and so tall

While others, ancient, gnarled and small

Raindrops sparkle on branches and leaves

A silver stream, quietly wanders and weaves

Whispering soft music ,deep in the night

Dancing between shadows and pools of soft light

In a forest deep, silent and serene

In the magical world of the Silver Queen.


c/ Denis Murphy 07 December 2017.



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