A Grumpy Christmas Fairy

A Grumpy Christmas Fairy


Christmas time comes around so fast

In that starring role I am once again cast

They take me out of my box once a year

About my vertigo, they really do not care

And place me on the very top of the tree

Where I feel a little sick and rather dizzy

Perched here precariously, at such a lofty height

Grimly holding on, throughout the long cold night

Surrounded by all the glitter, baubles and balls

The Holly and tinsel, hanging on the walls

Those flashing fairy lights are such a pain

Pretty soon, I’ll have such a migraine


Locked away in a cold attic, I’d really rather stay

Throughout the long and weary day

The cat climbs and knocks another bauble or ball

He only be happy when tree will tumble and fall

And I’ll fall down and break my neck

Oh I do hate Christmas, I’m a nervous wreck

And just to make my day, at the foot of the tree

The dog cocks his leg and does what comes naturally

It really pisses me off, as I hold on tight

Happy Christmas and all that that shite

It’s not very nice, it is really such a farce

You try having a Happy Christmas, with a tree stuck up your arse


c/ Denis Murphy 18 December 2017

Happy Christmas !




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