No One to Remember.

No one to Remember.


A frosty morning, a bright winter’s day

A ray of sunlight down a dusty hallway

Shining through cobwebs, cracked windows and doors

Casting shadows and shapes on the old wooden floors

The old house is now hollow and empty

Once there was life and laughter apenty

Where family once gathered to eat and pray

Now only peeling walls and slow decay


Ghosts and memories now linger here

Kitchen table, a broken chair

Tattered curtains, faded and frayed

Time has abandoned and betrayed.

And there among the damp and must

An old clock, now covered in dust

Smeared with layers of dirt and grime

Caught in a frozen moment in time


Dust swirls and dances in the morning light

A sprinkling of stardust, sparkling and bright

Or are they the spirits of those who once lived in this place

Echoes of the past, another time, another space

Once a home, now just a hollow shell

Oh what stories these walls could tell

Whispers echo down through the years

Memories of laughter, sadness and tears.


Daylight glints through opaque window panes

Where once was laughter, now silence reigns

An old mirror hangs on the wall

Evening shadows creep down the hall

As daylight slowly fades away

The ghosts of yesteryear come out to play

Their faded photographs in battered old frames

But there is no one left, to remember their names.


C Denis Murphy 24 November 2017.



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