Shades of Silver.

Shades of Silver


Silver light shimmers on waters, dark and deep

Sparkling like tears, where angels softly weep

On silver tipped waves, white horses ride

Dancing on foam at the turn of the tide

Diamonds that sparkle like stars in the night

Flickering and twinkling in late evening light

Shadow and light meet at the verge

On a rocky shore, where Earth and sea merge


Silver and crimson on darkening skies

As evening light fades and slowly dies

Inky dark clouds, silver sky overhead

Metallic grey with a hint of red

Casting long shadows on stony ground

A hushed silence, descends all around

A ghost like world of silver and grey

As the sun retreats at the end of day.


On a rocky beach and rugged shoreline

Where tide and earth embrace and entwine

Shapes and shadows mingle and blend

Our silent prayers and hopes we send

To whatever gods we kneel and pray

In gratitude for another day

As darkness creeps across the bay

In the dying embers of another day.

C.Denis Murphy 18 November 2017.



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