Touched by the Cold Light of Dawn.

I struggled with this one for a few days, not quite sure of what was coming through.

Or what the subject matter was. I was trying to express that feeling when you first wake up in the morning, just that instant before you become conscious and you become aware of your body, the bed and the physical world. Of who you are and this life. It is like the soul or spirit has been wandering while your body slept and just crept back in before you wake.

It also refers to the constant struggle our mind /ego as it tries to understand/comprehend  our true nature, our purpose, the reason for all of this, What’s it all about ?

Yet part of us knows, call it our soul, our spirit, that part of the Divine in all of us. We just have to be still to experience , not step outside ourselves to try to experience. It is the very act of trying to experience that blocks us from that which we already know and are.

Touched by the Cold Light of Dawn
On the edge of darkness, at the very seams

In the space between consciousness and the world of dreams

Memories awaken and rise to the surface

Of another time and another place

Touched by the cold light of another day

Sparkle for a moment, then fade away

In a place of whispers at the edge of time

A different rhythm, a different rhyme


A heaviness of soul, weighted down by doubt

We struggle so hard to break out

From the prison and chains of a troubled mind

The answers we seek, seem so hard to find

In a woven web of doctrine and rules

Conceived by wise men but enforced by fools

Seduced by the promise of Wisdom’s kiss

We grasp at illusions but the moment we miss


Morning light creeps across the bedroom floor

A ray of hope through an open door

A gentle caress to encourage and remind

And chase away the demons of the mind

Peeling away the layers of illusion

Sweeping  away the cobwebs of confusion

Stay in the moment and feel the power of now

Yet we fail to grasp this truth somehow


Echoes in the mist, whisper and softly speak

We already know, the answers we seek

Deep inside the ember still glows

What the ego craves,the soul already knows

Though we may search near and far

For Who and What we truly are

Yet we fail to listen to the voice within

Perhaps that is our greatest sin ?


c/ Denis Murphy 25 October 2017


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