Our Last Chance To Dance.

This is my “save the Earth” poem and commentary on global warming and the environmental damage mankind has wreaked on the planet.

Our Last Chance To Dance

a watery winter sun casts weak light

frost on the grass, sparkles so bright

a robin chirps sharply from an old apple tree

a warning to others, this is his territory

dew on a web, sparkle and shine

in the muffled mist, a silent forest of pine

stand and watch the word of men go by

do they ask themselves and wonder why

how do we live in such disharmony ?

and wonder at our ignorance and our stupidity

our illusions of grandeur and such arrogance

as we stumble and fumble, out of step with the dance

the beauty of nature and this world all around

we distort and destroy all that can be found

with our vain attempts to conquer and tame

progress we call it,  have we no shame ?

but there is still hope for the survival of this planet

for nature and for the life living on it

the universe has a master plan and a solution

just another stage in Life’s evolution

the human race may yet win the race

that ends with our extinction, leaving no trace

our world as we know it, may soon be gone

but Mother Earth will survive and Life will go on.

we must make better choices or lose our last chance

or take our last bows and exit the dance

c Denis Murphy 13 Nov 2015


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