Power and Respect.

Just an ode to Nature and acknowledging her tremendous power.

Power and Respect

on a lonely headland, a windswept beach

rugged and razor sharp rocks seem to reach

like giant stone fingers, pointing the way

to the deep, dark ocean, the wild atlantic sway

the west wind howls like a demented banshee

while the sea god’s fury is for all to see

scattering all before, it has no peer

a creature of power. of beauty and fear

as graceful as a woman, often calm and serene

explodes with fury, like a warrior queen

demanding our attention, our awe and respect

changing moods and emotion, when we least expect

striking terror and fear,in the hearts of mortal men

as the waves crash ashore,again and again

forces so powerful so strong and so tall

we huddle for shelter behind a stone wall

as nature reminds us of our arrogance and pride

and that we are no match for the wind and for tide

and before such awesome beauty and power

we can only bend our heads and cower

this reminder of her power, nature did send

and wait for the storm god’s anger to end.


c Denis Murphy 13 Nov. 2015



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