Swallows and Starling and Summer Skies.

Swallows and Starling and Summer Skies

A field full of buttercups dance in delight

A warm summer breeze, so gentle and light

A carpet of yellow as far as one can see

Broken only by the odd lonely tree

Swallows swoop swiftly and swerve in the air

Flying in circles without any fear

Swift and agile they weave and they wind

Spiralling in a secret dance of some kind

Twittering in delight, like children at play

Twittering and chattering left out for the day

Delight and joyful their little hearts sing

Learning survival skills like hunting on the wing

Away in the distance, a kestrel cries out loud

It startles the starlings who take flight like a cloud

In a symphony of shadows they move as if one

Darkness and shadow dance against a bright sun

With flashes of iridescent blue and emerald green

A rainbow of colours can just be seen

Like a shimmering veil of silk so refined

Or a mirage, it’s images just barely defined

While swallows swoop swiftly and glide on the air

In the summer sky so blue and so clear

In a field of shimmering yellow and gold

Stand and be still, such beauty to behold


  1. Denis Murphy 08 JUNE 2016

2 thoughts on “Swallows and Starling and Summer Skies.

    1. Thanks Christy – I hope that it helps to bring a bit more understanding to people and also by expressing our emotion it can alleviate some of the anxiety and stress and frustration we feel. Hope you are well.
      Appreciate your words and feedback.


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