sure it’s only a game…

 I’ve been a fan of Crystal Palace football club since 1968/69  season.Every season is a roller coaster of emotion.


sure it’s only a game…

here we go again on the roller coaster of emotion

another season of optimism  and blind devotion

to a club called Palace, from London south

Palace forever, we sing and we shout

we’re the best fans in the country, of that we’re very proud

chanting and stamping and cheering out loud

shouting at the tv screen, the rantings, the screams

another season of high hopes and shattered dreams

so we drown our sorrows down the local pub

talk of conspiracies against the smaller club

so many blind refs and penalties not awarded

oh will our efforts ever be rewarded

we struck the post twice and then hit the bar

and our keeper came off his line way too far

so now we’re on a terrible losing streak

we haven’t won  a match for many a week

the cribbers and moaners are out in full force

calling for sackings and changes of course

take this player out and put this player in

are we ever going to score and manage to win ?

the BBC don’t like us, we’re always on last

in the role of underdog, we’re always cast

they’re obsessed with Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea

and those two from Manchester, United and City

and how badly they played whenever they’re beaten

full credit to the smaller club is rarely given

but we’ll still support whether relegated or staying up

and we’re still in with a chance of winning the cup

‘cos  we are CRYSTAL PALACE through thick and through thin

and we’ll support forever whether we lose, draw or win.


c/ Denis Murphy January 2016.


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