Just a quiet reflection on memories and people who were important to us at various stages of our life, but we have lost touch with. And what if I had made a different decision how different would my life be now ? It is not about regret or sadness, but just thoughts on an alternative life.


Raindrops fall like long forgotten tears

Has it really been that many years

As the sound of the gentle patter of rain

I feel the echo of that long forgotten pain

Memories surface of other faces

Phantoms and ghosts of other places

Of the faces I have seen

And the places I have been.


Sometimes, I wonder if I had chosen

Another pattern had I woven

If another path I had taken

In another life I would awaken

Where would that have lead me

On the long road of self-discovery

Like an unwritten chapter in history

In the book of my life story.


And I wonder where are they now

People I have long forgotten somehow

Yet once were so dear and precious to me

Now confined to my memory

Deep in the Sanctuary of my soul

A place of memories, sacred and whole

Of the places I have seen

And the faces I have been.


C/ Denis Murphy 12 July 2017.


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