On a Gloomy Summer’s Day.

Just a few lines on the weather we were having that year, the summer was a washout.

On a Gloomy Summer’s Day


The day was so gloomy and dark

So I went for a walk down the park

To give my head time to clear

And get a breath of fresh air

I was only half way down the road

When the clouds up above dropped their load

And soaked me right through to the skin

Oh heavens above, I just can’t win!


What a strange year it has been

So little sunshine we’ve seen

Sure we’ve not had a summer at all

It’s gone straight from Spring to Fall

Summer did not come our way

Except for that day, was it in April or May?

Or maybe it was early June

Oh I do hope summer comes soon


The nights are so dreary

And people so weary

The poor dog looks confused

And the cat’s not amused

Not a song from the canary

And the wife’s so contrary

So to the park, I’ll again slip away

Sure I might even call to the pub on the way!


c/Denis Murphy 31 August 2015,


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