This is really the first poem I ever wrote. It doesn’t rhyme. It was inspired by a visit to an ancient site on a mountain known as The Morrigan’s Rock. The old Irish Goddess. Queen of the Sea.



In the slanting winter sun

I feel the cold bones of my ancestors

as I sense their world in a shrouded mountain mist

their minds and presence touch my soul

who are you they demand

what do you want of us ?

in silence I respond

I am of you, i am of your making

your blood courses through my body

your life through my essence

where does my path lie

on this journey called life

the answers lay before me

but the mists of doubt and fear have blinded me


it is in the whisper of the trees

the gentle touch of the breeze

the firmness of rock beneath your feet

it is in the warmth of the sun in your face

in the music of the river and roaring of the seas

it is every living creature and every living thing


to the voice within

and know…


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