The Wind of Souls.

Written after a stormy and spooky night. A night it was just great to be tucked up in bed all safe and warm while the ghosts and other creatures roamed the world.

The Wind of Souls

On a winter’s night,dark and black as coal

The wild wind howls like a demented soul

Like a raging animal left loose from it’s cage

Venting it’s pent up fury and rage

Shrieking like a banshee,they scream and they call

Like demented demons ,battering the gable wall

Rattling the windows and knocking on doors

Ghostly footsteps on creaking floors

Not a night for humans to venture out

There are other world creatures out and about

The veil between worlds is torn and thin

God only knows what strange creatures come in

Ghostly shades and lost Spirits roam

A night to stay warm,safe and at home.

A night to snuggle up  and stay in bed

And pull the blankets up to cover your head

As the storm rages against window and glass

And wait for the Wind of Souls to pass.

c/ Denis Murphy 23 Feb 2017


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