Oh Foolish Man.

Oh Foolish Man


Oh foolish man why do you sit and fret

Have you not figured it out yet

About life and it’s meaning, the purpose of it all

Why do we build barriers and walls so tall

And ivory towers of Babel that scrape the sky

A vain attempt to touch the face of God on high

For such foolish and childish reasons

We create our own gods, devils and demons

And divisive religions that cause so much pain

Throughout our history, again and again

Then we blame some god for our struggles and strife

Like an instrument in the orchestra of life

We play our part in the Creation Dance

Every thought, every action by design or by chance

We create our own existence, our reality our illusion

Architects of our own chaos, order and confusion


Like a beggar on a beach of gold

Seeking knowledge and wisdom, ancient and old

Asking foolish questions he does not understand

While the answers slip through his grasping hand

Like countless grains of glittering sand

The seed of wisdom fall on barren land
We spin and weave such plots and schemes

And lose ourselves in search of foolish dreams

The soul already knows what the Ego seeks

Like the wise man who rarely speaks

His treasured words are priceless and true

It is so simple yet so hard to do

Do not fear the future nor regret the past

But Live every moment as if it is your last

Yet we fail to understand  that somehow

We can only live life right here and now


Is this our purpose and reason for living

The lessons we learn and experience of being

Is this the meaning of what  life is all about ?

Let me know when you’ve figured it out !


c/ Denis  Murphy 27 April 2017


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