Of Childhood Ways and Summer Days.

Just a trip down memory lane back to our childhood days. The world seemed to be a lot more innocent and less complicated…


Of Childhood Ways and Summer Days

When we were young we had so much fun

Those long hot days in the summer sun

Freedom and imagination ruled the day

Seizing every opportunity that came our way

In a world of possibilities and no frontiers

Of fun and laughter and even a few tears

Those halcyon days seemed so innocent and pure

Spent in search of thrills and adventure

Of secret clubs and secret camps

Berries and crabapples and those awful cramps

Loudest belches and smelly farts

Building rafts and steering carts

Those endless quests and that secret mission

Too busy to sit and watch television

Only on rainy days, too wet and wild to roam

When we would have to stay at home

Playing games of Scrabble and Monopoly

Later we would sit and watch tv

But only when our imagination had ran dry

In one channel land long before Sky

Wanderly Wagon, the Magic Roundabout and Dougal

Now the kids spend all day on their iphones and Google

Chattering  on Facebook they twitter and tweet

Too busy to take time to look up and greet

Too busy to talk to other humans they meet

Heads stuck in phones as they walk down the street


All day and all night from toddlers to teens

What have we reared, a generation of machines

Androids that view the world through windows

Caught up in worlds of games and shadows

Warfare and explosions and total destruction

Swords and Sorcery, Dungeons and Dragon

Aliens and Avatars and virtual motion

Becoming more detached and devoid of emotion

In a world gone mad, are we losing our sanity

Losing touch with ourselves and our humanity

Lost in virtual worlds of illusion

Virtual worlds of chaos and confusion


Thinking back to our childhood days

Our innocent games and childish ways

Were we better off than this generation

Virtual reality versus powerful imagination

Perhaps it is just part of our evolution

This world of technology and revolution

Every generation changes and adapts

Now it’s mobile phones and computer aps

Gadgets and widgets and technology

Time for bed said Zebedee.


c/ Denis Murphy 11 July 2017.


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