Of Gardens and Gardeners.

My wife is a gardener and shepherd of the soil. I am not…

Of Gardens and Gardeners

I really like gardens but not gardening

Too much hard work , not really my thing

Getting my hands all muddy, covered in dirt

And blisters and splinters that really can hurt

Then there’s all the watering and removing the weeds

Digging holes and flower beds and planting of seeds

But my wife loves flowers and plants and trees

She’s at home in the garden with the birds and the bees

So I’m happy just to sit and let her work away

In fact I could  just sit and watch her all day

It’s really hard work and she does it very well

So when she gets tired or as best as I can tell

I stop my supervision and brew pots of tea

She drinks it by the gallon so I’m kept busy you see

While she creates an oasis, a haven of peace

Where we can sit and relax whenever we please

A little piece of paradise, a sanctuary of some kind

Where we can heal our bodies and nourish the mind

And listen to the trees whisper and to the bird song

Now I’m not claiming any credit, don’t get me wrong

For all this hard work and wonderful creativity

But sure she’d never get any work done if it wasn’t for my tea


  1. Denis Murphy 10 June 2016


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