Scenes from the Cafe of Life.


Scenes from the Cafe of Life

A milling crowd on busy streets

Outside a cafe some tables and seats

A popular venue for friends to meet

Where they can sit and chat and warmly greet

Exchanging opinions and their personal views

The hottest gossip and  the latest news

Recalling memories of old school days

Presenting photographs of their holidays

Or the latest newborn nephew or niece

While some just listen and enjoy the peace

A break from the office and the frantic rat race

A brief respite before back to work they face

While some just sit quite happily

With copious cups of their favourite coffee

And people watch as the world goes by

Children wailing and infants cry

Mugs and glasses clink and clatter

Mobiles ringing and all the chatter

Amid the laughter and the music so loud

Sit a few quiet souls alone in the crowd.


c/ Denis Murphy 22 Aug 2017


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