Far from the Castle Keep.

This is about the nearest to a “romantic” poem I have written !

Far from the Castle Keep

Far away in a castle keep

On a misty mountain, the highest peak

By a stained glass window seated on a chair

The most beautiful  girl with golden hair

A princess sighs as she waits in vain

For the promised prince to kiss away the pain

Of another world of another place

The ghostly image of a haunted face

But the seasons turn and years pass slowly

As hope begins to fade like an old worn tapestry

And dreams of wonder where dragons fly

Slowly turn and change and die

To dreams of sorrow and dreams of dread

In the land of the living and the dead

But love and magic still survive

And keep the fires of hope alive

The hero still searches and seeks

From the majestic mountains, the highest peaks

Through forests deep and misty dales

Over babbling brooks in hidden vales

Where dragons fly and rule the sky

And the mists of time go rolling by

And then one day he came by fate

To an old tower and enchanted gate


But the entrance could not be found

Tired and exhausted he lay down on the ground

And in a deep sleep he dreamed as he lay

On dragon’s wings he was carried away

Up winding stairways wound around and around

To a secret chamber the entrance he found

And there by the window sitting on a chair

The most beautiful woman with silver hair

At her dancing eyes, he could only stare

And to wipe away a glistening tear

A long embrace and they both knew

In life and love dreams do come true.


15th Aug 2015 c Denis Murphy


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