Hunter’s Moon.

Hunter’s Moon


A sliver of fiery sunlight streaks

Above the edge of the jagged peaks

Day fades away and quietly dies

Across a canvas of darkening skies

Storm clouds gather overhead

Sullen grey skies, as dark as lead

Our thoughts and prayers are carried away

In the embers of the dying day


A bird chirps shyly, a plaintiff call

The forest pines stand gaunt and tall

Shrouded in shadow and half light

Ghostlike in the evening twilight

Light and darkness embrace and meet

As the shadows wait for day to retreat

Daylight dissipates and fades away

And heralds the end of another day


A full moon rises, a pale fiery glow

Casting her veil on a slumbering world below

Embracing the land in her protective shroud

Her night vigil begins as she dances on cloud

Caresing deep oceans with her silvery light

Dancing on water sparkling and bright

Scattering star light along and the Milky Way  

The world in her arms until the break of the day


Seasons come and seasons go

The turn of the tide, the ebb and the flo

The hunter’s moon, waxes and wanes

In our world, nature still reigns

On these late Autumnal nights

The bitter cold wind stings and bites

By the light  of the hunter’s moon

Winter, will be here soon


C/ Denis Murphy 29 Sept 2017.


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