By the Old Castle Wall.

My wife and I went to visit Kilronan castle to avail of their leisure centre facilities. Set in a beautiful valley by a lake on a beautiful summers day, I couldn’t help but feeling inspired to write these few words,

By the Old Castle Wall


By the old castle wall I take a seat

A stunning vista lies before my feet

All around me so much beauty to be seen

A vibrant forests of verdant green

And a shimmering lake of cobalt blue

As I gasp and admire this beautiful view

My senses try to comprehend  the beauty of it all

Ancient mountains stand proud and tall

Rocky outcrops and roots of stone

I am one with nature yet all alone

A waterfall sparkles like a string of tears

Tumbling down rock and stone, no worries or cares

Swallows swoop and circle on the wing

Crows cackle and blackbirds sing

Insects buzz  and the drone of bees

Carried on a gentle summer breeze

The sun warms me gently as I breathe a deep sigh

To be part of this beauty brings a tear to my eye.


c/ Denis Murphy 09 May 2017.


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