Words and Memories.

Words and Memories


These are just words that come into my head

Sometimes when I’m walking or just lying in bed

Like unexpected visitors, so strong and intense

As my logical mind struggles to make sense

Concepts and phrases,they come and they go

On the tide of memories, with the ebb and flo


Snatches of memories tantalize and tease

Like whispers and echoes of music on the breeze

Phantoms in the shadows memories so old

Of long forgotten dreams and stories untold

Like ghosts in the mist they struggle to break free

From dungeons so deep, they call to me


Chaos and order, the logical mind

Seeks to understand and solutions to find

But the soul already knows and tries to share

Gently guiding and teaching with patience and care

Through visions and whispers and words in our dreams

But the Ego rarely listens, too busy it seems


C Denis Murphy 30 May 2016.




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