Down to the River Side.

When the mind is troubled and worried I find a great way to relax and recharge is to find a beautiful spot and just sit , look and listen to the natural world around me.

I am reminded that I am part of nature not apart from nature. My worries and troubles are insignificant in the over all scheme of things. By looking for something beautiful in nature you take your mind out of yourself, your worries and it breaks the  cycle of negativity. Freeing up your energy and opening up space for new ideas and possibilities to present solutions.


When the worries of the world weigh heavily on my mind

A peaceful place, a sanctuary I will find

Down  to the river side I  will often go

And listen for a while to the wild waters flow

Giggling and laughing and singing  it’s song

No worries or cares as it hurries along

Carefree and joyful, magical and bright

Dancing and tumbling,in the early morning light

Sparkling like silver and diamonds that glisten

And there for awhile, I will sit and just listen


The birds sing a chorus ,so beautiful and so clear

A symphony of song in the early morning air

Sweet harmony so natural, such a beautiful sound

In all of our music, none better can be found

While the wind in the trees softly sings along

No human could compose so wonderful a song

And the bees and the insects all join the performance

So beautiful,so natural,such rhythm and balance


So just sit and listen and relax for awhile

To Nature’s wonderful  gift and let yourself smile

The joy of the moment just there in your hand

The soul and the spirit know what the mind seeks to understand

Be both grateful and humble for this wonderful chance

Such a  privilege to be part of this Creation Dance

For the gift of life and a brand new day

And feel all your worries and cares fade away.


C Denis Murphy 01 May 2016

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