Chasing Memories.

A sad and poignant poem about Alzheimer’s and dementia.

This is a revised version of a poem I wrote last year,
I have added another 3 verses so that it has a more positive ending..

Chasing Memories

A memory awakes like a glowing ember
As the mind tries so hard to remember
A flicker of memory buried so deep
Oh what secrets the soul does keep
Transient thoughts that tantalise and tease
Memories of sadness and some that please
They hint and whisper of a forgotten past
Fleeting,intangible and moving so fast

From a distant time,a different place
The image of a long forgotten face
Eyes that dance and sparkle like wine
Skin as smooth as silk so fine
Lips that glisten and dare to be kissed
All but forgotten and shrouded in mist
Words of truth left unspoken
A heart left wounded and heart broken

The old man lies there in his bed
Chasing thoughts around his head
A glimmer of recognition in those eyes so green
The ghost of a memory can just be seen
Shadows and sunlight play on the wall
As he tries to remember and recall
But everyday it ends the same
He still can not recall her name.

She came for him, one cold winter’s night
Standing by his bed in soft moonlight
She smiled and kissed his brow so tenderly
And whispered in a loving voice so softly
Take my hand, come dance with me
And remember how we used to be
Those sparkling eyes, awaken his mind
A face so graceful, beautiful and kind

He remembers the first time he saw her face
And how she made his heart beat race
Those halcyon days when they first met
Alas so short, but no time for regret
That first shy glance
That first slow dance
That first love’s kiss
Those sheer moments of bliss

One more sigh, one more breath
He crosses the line between Life and Death
And waiting there in the welcoming light
She reaches to embrace and hold him tight
As young and beautiful as the day she had to leave
Leaving him heartbroken and all alone to grieve
But their love remains forever and the same
Taking her hand, he speaks her name…

c/ Denis Murphy 11 April 2017



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