Above the Rainbow.

Just another whimsical and tongue in cheek little poem. 


Above the Rainbow


Above the rainbow there is a place

Known to few, a secret space

Where magic and imagination rule

No place for the wise man or the fool

Only for the dreamer and he who seeks

From lowest valleys to the highest peaks

Where dragons reign and soar with ease

Echoes of music on the faintest breeze

Haunting Fairy music like a siren calls

Through shafts of moonlight and waterfalls

From caves of crystal that shine so bright

Like a million stars on a cloudless night


A dreamer sits on a beach of sand

Where gentle tides caress the land

And listens to a far off beating drum

Through wind and tide and foam they come

The heartbeat of the ocean floor

Rumbles like thunder on a distant shore


Dancing in the moonlight around a fairy fort

Where the Fairy King and his Queen hold court

No mortal should linger here for long

For fear of being caught in their music and song

As the lines of dancers weave and flow

Spinning enchanting webs that glow

Circles and spirals of living light

In the realm of the fair folk so tall and bright

And the Leprechaun, that rascally rogue

Time passes slowly in Tír na  n’Og.


c/Denis Murphy 26 April 2017


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