A Time to Forgive, A Time to Heal.

This is about the unmarried mothers and babies scandal.  When the churches forced unmarried mothers to give up their children for adoption and sold them to rich childless families but also effectively made slaves of the mothers. Forcing them to work in launderettes  and on farms in “payment”. While the rest of society,including their families looked the other way. In an environment of fear, obedience and blind devotion we must also remember that the nuns and even the priests were “victims” of the church doctrine, and the deeds done in “God’s name “. 

A Time to Forgive , A Time to Heal.

The wailing of a newborn child echoes down the hall

Shadows dance and flicker against the bedroom wall

Cold hearted hands snatch life away

Just another sad and tragic day

A heartbroken young mother’s unheeded cries

And so begins a litany of deception and lies

A priest performs his duty

In the name of God and all that is holy

And washes his hands of all responsibility

Then joins the reverend mother for afternoon tea

Passing judgement on another fallen woman

And talk of sin and the weakness of man

Giving thanks for another soul saved

Innocent child abandoned and betrayed


A cold dark church as empty as a tomb

A sterile place where love has no room

Nuns on bended knees in fervent prayer

A dogma of terror, darkness and of fear

Candles flicker on a cold church altar

We dare not let our faith falter

For fear the devil might win

And fill the world with lust and sin

A crucifix on a cold stone wall

Stands in the shadows gaunt and tall

Where Jesus hangs his head in shame

And cries at the deeds done in his name

And above the angels weep and Heaven cries

While love and humanity slowly dies.


Power hungry bishops, cowered congregations

An institution of rules and regulations

A world where only blind faith will suffice

Of ceremony and ritual and sacrifice

A climate of obedience and compliance reign

A father too afraid, to feel his daughter’s pain

Sacrifices love for the family name

Lost in the fear of damnation and shame

A young girl’s dream to be a mother and wife

Now she must pay for the rest of her life

Betrayed for a kiss and a promise of love given

A fallen woman’s sins can not easily be forgiven

For being human in moment of passion

In a world of little love or compassion


In a cold dark church, a sanctuary light

The Madonna and Child, halos so bright

Blinded by piety, no one sees or hears

The Christ Child’s cries and Mary’s tears

A nation of hypocrites, pious and holy

Who worship Jesus and his mother Mary

Yet condemn unmarried mother and innocent infant

So quick to judge and condemn in an instant

Madonna and Child look down from above

A flicker of hope, compassion and love

It is not a time to accuse or to blame

For the wrongs done in God’s name

A time for forgiveness for sinner and sin

And let our hearts healing begin.


c/ Denis Murphy 17 Mar 2017


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