A Winter Walking Song.

A Winter Walking Song

The wild wind dances gleefully in the trees

Tumbling and tossing, rolling with such ease

Carefree and unchained, untamed and so wild

Like a boisterous and exuberant playful child

While down by the river a heron takes flight

Startling a blackbird who cries out in fright

The wild waters flow, from source to the sea

As it hurries along on life’s journey

Laughing to itself as it tumbles along

Singing so softly, a sweet secret song

On a long winter walk  as my destination nears

A cacophony of noise roars in my ears

A murder of crows scream and screech

Taunting the cat below, staying just out of reach

Always quarrelling and bickering or so it seems to us

Causing chaos and consternation and creating such fuss

As they circle and weave and swirl around the tree

In apparent chaos there is order and harmony

Singing to myself as I hurry along

A feeling of contentment that I belong.

Days like these, it is good to be alive

My destination draws near, soon I will arrive.

And I think to myself, what a  lucky man !

To be part of this journey, this wonderful  plan.

Despite all our worries our troubles  and fear

Life is a gift to enjoy , to cherish and to share.


C Denis Murphy  29July 2016.


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