Another Christmas.

A poem about the commercialism of Christmas and the sadness of a first Christmas following the loss of a loved one. But life goes on.


Another Christmas


Outside the weather brings storms and rain

It’s the season of madness and the insane

In a crowded shopping centre, madness rules

As frantic parents rush around like fools

Glancing at watches with worried face

Watching the time as they dash and race

Pushing and shoving in all the crush

Like headless chickens in circles rush

Time for hard earned money to be spent

Letters to Santa have been written and sent

Some children cry, while others scream

Some cold and tired ,while others dream

Of visits to santa, his helpers and elves

While harassed assistants restock the shelves


The jingle of collection boxes as the choir sings

Wishing us happiness and joyous things

The choir sings louder as the bells ring out

Some sing sweetly while others just shout

Enthusiastic faces, full of Christmas zeal

Singing with gusto and everything they feel

While their parents gather to watch from the side

Hearts glowing warm and full of pride

A drunk joins in with a bellow and a roar

Competing with loud music from every store

And the buskers too,some good, some bad

A cacophony of noise in a world gone mad

Clinking coins clattering in tills

No time to worry about credit card bills


Meanwhile all across the nation

Families gather for the annual celebration

Time to exchange the presents and gifts

A truce for quarrels and family rifts

Good wishes exchanged, kind words said

Happy memories and a few tears shed

Thoughts of those who have passed away

But their memories and spirits are here today

And spare a thought for the lost and lonely

For those who have their memories only

Of tears of joy and sadness cried

While other go back to bed and hide

To hide away from the emptiness and pain

And wait for an end to the storms and the rain.


Christmas morning dawns early and bright

Children scamper and scream in delight

And tumble out of bed and dash down stairs  

Scattering all before them, no worries or cares

No time for breakfast, or coffee or tea

Straight to the parcels left under the tree

Gifts are exchanged parcels are shook

Is it a box of chocolate or even a book ?

Paper ripped open, what’s inside that box ?

Just what I needed, another pair of socks !

Presents opened and gasps of surprise

Parents smile amid the laughter and cries

Another season, another year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


c/ Denis Murphy 28 Dec 2016.

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