The Man Behind the Mask.

The Man Behind the Mask

How are you today ? People often ask

If they could only truly see behind this frozen mask

Where do I begin to tell you how I really feel

Is it all inside my head or is it really real

How could you understand, how do I explain

My weary bones, my aches, my pain

How long do you have and will you really hear

Will my words cause discomfort or even a little fear

Will you really listen to all my moans and groans

In a voice that whispers in flat monotones

A frozen face hides a turmoil  of emotions

As many and varied as the deepest oceans

From high to low and every extreme

And every thought and emotion in between

Like an old man at the end of the day

I shuffle and shake as I make my way

As I struggle to do the simplest thing

To tell a story or a song to sing

Our health and strength we do not appreciate

Until stolen from us, it is too late.

What painful aches and worries we carry

But enough self pity and thoughts of me

Tell me  how you really feel.

Take off your mask and to me reveal

With me you do not have to pretend

How are you today my friend ?


c/ Denis Murphy 13 Dec 2016















3 thoughts on “The Man Behind the Mask.

  1. Hi Denis just been reading some of your poems…just fantastic well done. Will show to Dermot in due course in a bad place at the moment as it all happened so suddenly. However friends at club very supportive and with right medication hopefully I sure he will be more positive and thanks so much for your concern. Will keep in touch..take care keep writing Dee


  2. Many Thanks – yes when he is ready. He has to go through a period of mixed emotions like shock,sadness.despair,anger and grief first before he accepts the reality of his situation. It took me about 18 months before I started to accept and to tell people.


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