One of Those Days.

Here is a lighter poem I wrote about trying to get some sleep and rest.

With Parkinson’s – I often wake up more tired when I went to bed….

One of Those Days.


It’s one of those days I want to stay in bed

And pull the duvet cover over my head

Here in my bed I want to stay

But the outside world won’t go away

The neighbours kids, their shouts and their roars

And my wife beside me with her dulcet snores

The dog needs to get out and do what dogs do

His majesty the cat demands his breakfast too.

Five more minutes and I’ll get up then

I look at my clock, it’s a quarter to ten

I close my eyes and drift away

And try not to think of what I have to do today

Just five more minutes and the world can wait

But the dogs are barking, the postman is at the gate

His footsteps crunch gravel as he whistles cheerfully

Then he slams the gate shut, not very carefully

And the dog barks louder at this intrusion

The other dogs join in the chorus amid all the confusion

A cacophony of noise, then it gets much worse

Our neighbour starts his mower, I let out a curse

This time of morning – oh for goodness sake

Ah well, I might as well be up now I’m wide awake.



c/ Denis Murphy 12 Mar 2017









2 thoughts on “One of Those Days.

  1. A prayer often helps so a special prayer will be said for a man with a golden tongue. May you have many nights in the future when you will go through the night without anything disturbing your sleep.


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