The Winds of Change.

The Winds of Change.

As we dance and we weave through the eddies of life

twirling and swirling, holding on for dear life

to the rocks of insecurity and foundations of sand

to dreams and schemes and plots so grand

to the thoughts and opinions many so dark

tumbling and fumbling like fools in the park

in a frantic search for the dream so bright

demented souls seeking the light

phantoms of illusion, ghosts of greed

in the battle between want and need

But the winds of change blow daily through life

some strong,some subtle and cut like a knife

shaking and shattering our illusions of might

and outdated insecurities we believe to be right

yet deeply within is the will to survive

to enjoy each day and to feel alive

we have the strength and courage for the challenges we must meet

to stand up to and fight,to face and defeat

we can only live our lives day by day

and let the winds of change blow our fears away.


‎15 ‎June ‎2015

Denis Murphy.


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