Tomorrow Is Another Day.

Tomorrow Is Another Day.


I stare at this blank page from a restless mind

Waiting for the faintest inspiration, a hint of some kind

Some days the words come so easily

The images so vibrant, I can clearly see

Others days, they will not reveal themselves and hide 

Lurking on the edges, refusing to come inside.


Thoughts fluttering through my head like drunken butterflies

Flitting from here to there, images flash before my eyes

But no sense can I make of these scenes I see

Nothing substantial or definite, nor a hint of what will be

What is the subject matter, what is it all about ?

The voices in my head, remain a silent shout.


The muses have deserted me, I can not hear their call

Only their faintest whispers, but no words at all

I can not make any sense, no matter how hard I try

For today, the well of inspiration, has run dry

Time to close my book and  put my pen away

After all – Tomorrow is another day !


C Denis Murphy 16 June 2020.


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