A Day Dreamer’s Diary.

A Day Dreamer’s Diary


I remember when I was young and so naive

There was no limit to what I would believe

There were so many things I wanted to be

In my vivid imagination I could clearly see


Star trekking with Captain Kirk and the Enterprise

Exploring worlds of danger, excitement and surprise

To be an astronaut, I had my heart set

Instead I became a space cadet..!


There was no limit to my imagination

As I toured the world and every nation

A rock singer on centre stage, my wailing lead guitar

I tried to learn once, but that didn’t get very far


It’s All Ireland Hurling Final day

For the *Rebel county, time is ticking away

From Hill 16 the Rebel Roar

As that last gasp winning point I score..


Or a famous actor, the hero who saves the day

Who kills all the bad guys and then just walks away

To be as cool as Clint Eastwood and that Dirty Harry stare

Breaking every rule and didn’t really care


Leading Ireland to the World Cup glory

Beating Brazil that was my story

A hero I so badly wanted to be

Today, I am just happy to be me..


C Denis Murphy 31 May 2020.


*Cork is known as the Rebel county.


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