Atishoo !



Atishoo ! Atishoo !

Pass me another man size tissue

It’s that time of the year again

When winter brings danger for all men


Colds and coughs and runny nose

Frozen fingers and icy toes

Splitting headaches and sore throats

Wrap up well, woolly hats and warm coats


To the old and infirm, always a serious threat

But this year it carries the most dangerous yet 

Corona-virus,  Covid – 19 is the latest threat

Swooping down like the Angel of Death


It respects neither boundaries nor border

Religion, ethnic race or gender

Spreading its wings across the world, every nation

Causing fear, chaos and consternation


Panic buying in the supermarket aisle

Courtesy and good manners gone out of style

People have gone mad, sold their souls

For some loaves of bread and a few toilet rolls


If you must go out, don’t forget

Avoid contact, touch or you may regret

Face masks, gloves at the ready

Keep your distance, nice and steady


Wash your hands often and don’t touch your face

And remember to respect other people’s space

Especially the disabled and the elderly

The situation is very frightening and scary


Stay at home keep safe and warm

And prepare for the breaking storm

It may takes months for things to work out

Of that there can be no doubt


Many a bitter tear will be shed

For those who died in a sterile hospital bed

Many will not survive this terrible virus

Of our loved ones,  it will deprive us


But we must do our part and take responsibility

For our actions as individuals and collectively

Follow the rules and guidelines that are in place

Or face the extinction of the human race.


C Denis Murphy 28 March 2020.


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