A Dream Holiday.

A Dream Holiday


Ever since I was little I always wanted to go

On a skiing holiday with lots and lots of snow

I used to watch Ski Sunday on the BBC

Oh how badly I wanted to be


One of those daredevils, so brave and so recklessly

Swerving around every obstacle, pole and tree

Hurtling down mountain slopes so steep

Breath held at every turn, swerve and leap


I dreamt of being a downhill racer

A slalom or a champion ski jumper

A human glider, soaring through the air

With nerves of steel, not a hint of fear


The crowds chanting out my name

Becoming World champion, the fortune and fame

Setting world records and Olympic medals of gold

Something to show my grandchildren when I’m very old


But life took a different turn and I very soon forgot

Those childish dreams of being a skier was not my lot

Many years have passed, I finally got the chance

Here I am on mountain slopes of the Alps in southern France


So here I am with skis and sticks

Standing in the cold with a bunch of pricks

Ready for my first lesson on learning to stay on my feet

The only sound is the chattering of my teeth


Despite my  gloves and woolly hat

Thermal knickers, socks and all that

Shivering in the icy breeze

Don’t forget to bend the knees


My feet are numb and I have frozen toes

Snotty icicles dripping from me nose

All dressed up and ready to go

Only one thing missing – Now where’s the feckin’ snow ?


With global warming all around

There is no snow on the ground

Just dirty damp freezing rain

It really is such a pain.


I should have listened to my friend’s advice

And gone somewhere sunny and nice

I should have went to Ibiza and gone drinking in the sun

Where the lads are Water skiing and having so much fun !


C Denis Murphy 30 January 2020.


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