Shots Ring Out.


Shots Ring Out.


Dealey Plaza and the Texas Book Depository 

A day that would go down in history

Sixth floor window. Shots ring out

People begin to panic, point and shout

Was it more than three 

A lone gunman or conspiracy 

The world watched in horror and held its breath

The nightmare on Elm street, the street of death


Who can ever forget those scenes so graphic 

Captured on film , bullet hits bone. so horrific

A bloodstained dress 

A gaping wound, a bloody mess

On her lap she holds his head

Camelot has fallen the king is dead

Along with the dreams of a generation

Darkest hour of a young and powerful nation


A coup d’etat

What powers were behind that 

The weapon masters and the Arms industry

Banking kings of finance and the economy

The makers of war, the C.I.A.

The pedlars of death, the Mafia

Castro, the Rusians, or Cuban dissidents

Who would dare to murder the President


Who removed the bullet proof bubble 

Knowing that day, there could be trouble

Who changed the route of the motorcade

Who gave the order for changes to be made

An acute turn, forcing the speed to drop

The driver to slow down, to almost stop

Presenting a sitting target, a turkey shoot

The man with dark glasses and the black suit


Or recalled the secret service bodyguards 

From the bridge by the old railway yards.

On whose orders, on what pretense

By the grassy knoll. A white picket fence 

The flowers and wreaths, the conspiracy theories

The rosaries, the messages and Hail Marys

We still cannot separate the fiction from the fact 

Who would execute such a barbaric act


November skies cry out in disbelief 

So many years have passed and still the grief

And how history was changed that day

When our dreams and innocence were blown away.

A Nightmare on Elm Street and Dealey Plaza, 

Dallas,Texas, in the good old US of A.

Land of the Free

And Democracy..


  1. Denis Murphy  .22 November 2019.


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