Boris to Save the British Empire.

Boris to Save the British Empire.


With extreme enthusiasm and head in the clouds

Making speeches, addressing the crowds 

All aboard Boris’s big red bus

We’re British, no Johnny Foreigner is going to stop us 

Those damn EU bureaucrats, telling us what to do

We’re off to Brussels to kick an arse or two

With their straight bananas and safety rules !

Do they think we Brits are all damn fools ?


The Gentlemen’s club and the old school tie

You can join the Tory party if you qualify

If you’ve been to Eton and Cambridge or even Oxford

Your old shower buddies will put in a good word

Cricket and croquet or a spot of rugger

I say old chaps, look out for that bugger

Keep your backs against the wall

Be careful when you bend down to pick up your ball…


No backstop is the cry about the Irish border

Ulster says NO, the DUP and the Orange Order 

No we don’t need Europe, the rest of the world awaits

Like our special friend in Washington, the good old United States 

They’ll be queueing up to deal with us I’m sure they just can’t wait

And Brussels will be sorry then when it is too late

Trade deals, tariffs and talks

Give us what we want or Britain walks


After Brussels we’ll go to Dublin and join in the craic

Sure we’ll tell them they’re great and they’ll welcome us back

We’ll even let them join the United Kingdom if they behave

And let all those old Fenians turn in their grave

Sure after a few pints they’ll believe anything

They’ll even write a song and start to sing

That fellow they call the “toynishta”, we don’t want to see 

Have a pint of Guinness with their ” Tshock” – I think he’s called Murphy.


  1. Denis Murphy 27 July 2019.


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