A Pagan’s Prayer.

A Pagan’s Prayer


A new day dawns, a sacred celebration

The Sun God appears on the horizon

Rekindling the flame in blood red skies

As the darkness of night retreats and dies 


Dawn’s first light caresses Earth and Sea

The cloak of darkness and shadows flee 

They will return to reign and rule the night

With Moon, our protector and her veil of starlight


Beneath ancient stones, both temple and tomb 

Deep in the darkness, both Grave and Womb

The Spark of Life, from the cold, dark earth

The fragile seed seeks rebirth


All Life is sacred, a precious gift to embrace 

To be part of this journey, for the human race

We must learn to respect and to cherish 

Or on the rocks of ignorance, we will surely perish


To whatever God you believe in, whatever your belief 

In whatever religion, you’ve found comfort and relief

To whichever Deity or Spirit  you kneel and pray

You must take responsibility, at the end of every day


For the decisions you have made, every deed, every action

For the consequences of those choices and the reaction

You must take both credit and the blame

For the deeds you’ve done in YOUR God’s name


Take a deep breath and still the mind

Listen to your heart and there you will find

The Kingdom of Heaven is here right now

 If we only stop and believe this somehow


In Death’s embrace, the old ones die

In Life’s first moment, a newborn’s cry

The breath of Life, God’s gift to men

The circle of Life begins again.


C Denis Murphy 22 July 2019.


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