The Wind Whispers Softly….

The Wind Whispers Softly….


The wind whispers softly, a gentle breeze

From across vast oceans and countless seas

Telling tales of strange and distant  places

Of people, their customs and exotic races

Of kingdoms and countries so far away

On a constant journey, by night and by day


Across burning deserts and forests deep  

Over  the tallest mountain and castle keep.

The wind drives clouds like a flock of woolly sheep

Or building floating fairy castles in our dreams while we sleep

Bringing moisture and rain from the Western seas

Or a raging storm or a gentle breeze


The wind carries rumours to those who would listen

Of  silver and gold and all things that glisten

Tales from the East, of monsters and dragons

Silks and  Spices carried  by tall ships and by wagons

A caravan of ships in the hot desert sun

Through sandstorms and dust devils they battle on


From the frozen North, the cold wind bites

On dark lonely days and long Winter nights

Warm winds from the South, both humid and dry

Caresses the trees which seem to whisper and sigh

Reminding us of  Summers past

Oh how the years have gone so fast.


C Denis Murphy 02 July 2019.

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