Along a serpentine trail, I carefully tread

An old oak, now brittle and long dead

A fallen king who once reigned supreme

In this forgotten grove by a silver stream


Lazily meandering and winding through 

Prickly Holly, Hazel and Yew

Ancient Oak, Rowan and Beech

Tall silver Birch, proudly skyward reach


Like guardians of the forest deep

Hushed and silent they appear to sleep

Yet aware of my presence and awake 

As I make my way to the silver lake 


I hear them whisper or perhaps it’s just the breeze

The wind rustles and caresses the tall noble trees 

A blackbird’s shrill warning calls out from the deep

And ancient Willows stand and weep


And there on the shore I take a seat

Lapping water on stone beneath my feet

Entranced I stare at this magical scene

So calm and so peaceful, so dreamlike and serene


Sunlight sparkles on water, such a beautiful sight

Casting a carpet of crystals, as water catches light

Twinkling like diamonds sparkling so bright

Dancing like the stars that illuminate the night 


A swarm of swallows swoop swiftly 

Skimming the water in a feeding frenzy 

In perfect harmony, rhythm and balance 

Nature provides us with all we need in abundance 


Why do men seek diamonds and gold

Grasping at riches to keep and to hold

Just look to Nature, look all around

What wonders and treasures are there to be found.


I reluctantly rise and  leave the lake shore 

Like a hundred times I’ve come here before

And thank the gods for this precious time and space

Time out from the world of people and it’s hectic pace.

  1. Denis Murphy 20 June 2019.



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