Who Cares for the Carer ?

Who Cares for the Carer ?


She spends her nights and days

Showing her love in so many ways

That gentle touch

That says so much

In selfless acts and unconditional love

An iron hand in velvet glove

In a constant battle against the tide

Her worries and fears she tries to hide

The nights are long and often sleepless

Tossing and turning and very restless

Denied the comfort only sleep can bring

Ready for action, if his alarm should ring

Sometimes it is so hard, to hold back the tears

When she thinks of the future with anxiety and fears

Some days she is too tired to feel

But with courage, determination and a will of steel

She finds the strength from deep within

Her love for him, will always win

To see beyond this broken shell

The strong young man she knew so well

A man once tall and strong and proud

Stood head and shoulders above the crowd

Now just a shadow of what he used to be

But this she knows, with such certainty

For better or for worse, in sickness and in health

Their love is unbreakable, it is their strength and wealth

His smile is beyond any treasure, worth more than any gold

And their love more precious as they both grow grey and old.


C Denis Murphy 10 February 2019.




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