The Forgotten.

The Forgotten


A sullen day, dark threatening skies

A winters morning, a cold sunrise

A bitter wind bites sharp and deep

In Heaven above, the Angels weep

For the Innocent child without a name

For those banished souls, an eternity of shame

No place in heaven can be found

Just an unmarked grave, in unholy ground

In this field of rubble, rock and stone

No pity nor love was ever shone

No words of comfort, nor hope were spoken

No word for those, left shattered and broken

No one stood or knelt and prayed

For those Abandoned and Betrayed


A mother’s tears and heartbroken sighs

Trapped in a woven web of deceit and lies

Where Doctrine, Dogma and Damnation rule

An institution so inhuman and so cruel

For their arrogance, ignorance and foolish pride

From those dreadful deeds they can not hide

For the acts and deeds done in His name.

And hang their heads in guilt and shame

Some seek forgiveness and show regret

But the innocent children, let us never forget.

Memories of another dark day
A different world. A world away


The wind runs her fingers through the hedges and trees

A curlew’s cry, a lament on the breeze

In this field of sadness, abandoned for years

A carpet of wildflowers  like fallen tears

Sparkling like jewels in the early morning dew

Each one, a memory of a life, we never knew

Each Soul like a star, smiling down from above

It is only through forgiveness and unconditional Love

That the long road to healing can be found

And bring peace to our hearts and to those all around

No longer the Abandoned and Forgotten.

They have always been with the Angels in Heaven


  1. Denis Murphy 14 June 2018.


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