Fly Away My Butterfly.


Fly Away My Butterfly


Like a butterfly caught in the breeze

You said your dreams you had to seize

Those dreams, you said, did not include me

I could not hold you , so I set you free

But I had built my dreams around you

I thought our love was strong and true

But you said my love was just an illusion

Leaving me dazed and in a state of confusion

My hopes and dreams inside just died

They were built on foundations of foolish pride

But like castles floating in the air

I watched them fade and disappear

My hopes and dreams lay torn and tattered

My fragile heart left empty and shattered


As you left my world and walked away

You did not look back that fateful day

Taking everything that was precious to me

I knew right then that I would never again see

Your smile, your face or hear your voice

In Life and Love, we must make a choice

But life goes on and we have to let go

Life is like a river, it must move and flow

Over rapids rocks, pebble and stones  

Dancing to many different moods and tones

Under both clear blue and stormy sky

Or become bitter and stagnant and slowly die

And though it pained and hurt me so

I knew I had to let you go


Yet every time I see a butterfly….


  1. Denis Murphy 25 May 2018


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