The Centre of the Universe.


This is a poem about my native city. Cork city in Ireland.

Locals or anyone who knows or has been to Cork, will appreciate this.

The Centre of the universe.

In my dreams, I often go

To where the waters of the river flow

To the place I was born by the river Lee

Of my childhood days and memory

A beautiful city of steps and steeple

Of good humoured and friendly people

Of bridges, churches, cobbles and spires

A place to warm the heart’s desires


Shandon bells ring loud and clear

The heartbeat of the city, fills the air

The four face liar and it’s salmon of gold

Looks out on a city both modern and old

Sandstone and limestone, red and white

From Patrick’s hill, such a beautiful sight

With winding streets of charm and beauty

And quays softly kissed by the river Lee


No better way to spend a day

Than doing Pana, as the locals say

Patrick’s street to the Grand Parade

The Mardyke, the Park and it’s leafy shade

Just to stroll along, or stop to talk

The shaky bridge and lovers walk

Down the Marina to the Atlantic pond

To Blackrock castle and the harbour beyond


The English market,such a wonderful place

Thriving and exciting, a vibrant space

A place so famous, even a visit by the queen

And the ugliest fish you’ve ever seen

Tripe and onions,crubeens and drisheen

And the famous black pudding from Skibbereen

The smells and sights I recall so clearly

The sound of laughter echoes in my memory


Blackpool girls and the boys of Fairhill

The clash of the ash is still such a thrill

Jack Lynch, Jimmy Barry and Christy Ring

The many pubs where we used to sing

To drown our sorrows. or celebrate

The Long Valley for a “doorstep full of mate”

Washed down with a pint of Murphy’s stout

Or a Beamish or two – it’s your shout !


The bells of Shandon ring out

Time for another pint of stout

The Phoenix, Dan Lowrey’s and the Hi Bi bar

We would often go, for the craic and a jar

Canty’s and the Old Oak down the street

Or in the Lobby bar we would often meet

Where bards and poets weave song and verse

From the Center of the Universe !


c.Denis Murphy 17 October 2017



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